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Use our secure online company formation facility to form a new private limited company at Companies House. Register your new limited company online today using our secure form:

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QF Registrars can provide support not only with company formation process but also with the ongoing and compliance for a Private Limited Company. A private company can have a sole director and a single member. Since 6th April 2008 a private company is no longer required to have a company secretary unless required to do so by its articles of association.

A private company may commence to trade and borrow upon incorporation but must not offer to the public any securities, although the Companies Act 2006 does contemplate a private company having shares in issue which are traded on a market (CA2006 s360c) subject to meeting certain criteria. A private company may enjoy exemption from appointing auditors and filing full accounts with the Registrar of Companies but must deliver its accounts to the Registrar within nine months from the financial year end.

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